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Behavior Policy
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   Intolerable behavior
Your child will not be yanked or spanked or have food withheld from or forced to him/her as a form of punishment.  Discipline measures should not humiliate, shame, or frighten children.  Discipline is not punishment but rather training to guide the child towards self-control.  If a child displays any of the following excessive behavior problems, he/she will be redirected or placed on time out (depending on the severity of action).  If the child is redirected, he/she will be engaged in an activity that is more acceptable.  If the child is placed on time-out, he/she will be removed from activities for a specific amount of time, then allowed to return to the group to resume activity. 
 *resisting clean-up 
 *disrespectful mouth 
 *using material destructively
 *shouting from one area to the next
 *creating a high noise level
 *wandering around without permission
 *consistently told not to do something
 *fighting over toys, materials, other children or authority
If behavior continues, we will have a conference discussing other solutions besides redirection and time out to correct the problem.  If then those measures do not work, service will be terminated.