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All policies have been set to ensure safety, consideration & consistency for this facility.  
Emergency Preparedness Policy
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Our Emergency Disaster & Preparedness Plan provides for responses to all types of emergencies. You will be notified as soon as the procedure has taken place and safe housing has been completed. Depending on the circumstance of the emergency, we will use one of the following protective actions:

        Immediate evacuation:  children are evacuated to a safe area on the grounds of the facility in the event of fire, unsafe building structure, etc. In the case of inclement weather, we may then proceed indoors at a neighboring shelter.

      In-place sheltering:  sudden occurrences, weather or hazardous material related, may dictate that taking cover inside this facility is the best immediate response (tornadoes, terrorism, lock downs, etc.).
      Total evacuation: total evacuation of the facility may become necessary if there is a danger in the area.  In this case, children will be taken to a relocation facility.  We currently have 2 available. If it ever becomes necessary to relocate, a sign will be placed on the door stating which facility we’ve gone to.  If either location has to change, you will be notified and directions will be provided if needed.
      Modified Operations:  may include cancellation/postponement or rescheduling of normal activities.  These actions are normally taken in case of a winter storm or building problems (extended power outages) that make it unsafe for children, but may be necessary in a variety of situations. Please keep the main telephone line free so that emergency calls and the relay of information can be done efficiently.  An alternative phone number to call in an emergency event will be issued to current contract holders within their Emergency Preparedness Plan.
The  American Red Cross  website is a great place to start when planning and preparing for emergency situations.