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 Inclement Weather Policy 
dashing threw the snow
 We DO NOT follow Baltimore County's school closings & delays schedule!
The following is our inclement weather closing policy.  When predicted inclement weather threatens to make road conditions unsafe for travel, we take into consideration all reports received from the local news, the weather station and our own weather radio located here in daycare.  Depending on our reviews regarding road conditions, radar images and consults from the local branch of the National Weather Service, we will make one of the following recommendations: 
1.   Daycare opens at the normal time;
2.   Daycare opening will be delayed one  
      or  two hours; 
3.   Daycare  will be closed early; or,
4.   Daycare will not open for that day.
The decision to close or delay daycare, including how long to delay, will be announced via phone/text/email no later than 5:30am for the above recommendations 2-4.  
If daycare opens at the normal time, an announcement will not be made. 

If inclement weather occurs after our day has begun, a decision regarding early release will be made as quickly as possible and parents will be notified.  It is the parents’ responsibility to notify us that the alert has been received by calling/emailing/texting us immediately.  If not, the next person listed on the emergency contact will be notified for pick-up.