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I'm sick, help me feel better
This daycare is a well-child care facility.  Please do not bring your child if she/he has a contagious illness or exhibits any of the following symptoms:
*vomiting, in excess of typical infant spit-ups and gag reactions
*conjunctivitis (“pink eye”)
*consistent complaints of ear or stomach pain
*bleeding other than minor cuts and scrapes
*excessive greenish/yellowish nasal discharge, indicating infection
*excessive, uncontrolled coughing or runny nose
*head lice
*undiagnosed skin rashes
*breathing trouble
*trouble swallowing
*gray/white stool
In general, if your child is too sick to be a viable part of daycare, then your child is too sick to be here. If he/she becomes ill during daycare, you will be phoned and asked to pick up your little one up immediately. Your child must be kept out of daycare for at least 24 hours after there are no signs of the symptoms above. A written notice from physician may need to accommodate certain illnesses.  
If your child has a common cold (slight cough, sneezing, clear runny nose and or a temperature 100 degrees or less), your child may stay in daycare.  However, if your child reaches a point where she/he requires constant  attention, will not play/eat, cries continuously, whines and wants to be held constantly, then your child will need to stay home unless a previous “understanding” is made with us. Some illnesses will not just go away.  It is much easier to treat the illness at first sight rather than letting it manifest and get worst.
All forms must be updated for new shots, known allergies, disease or communicable illnesses. The intent of this policy is to prevent the spread of any communicable sicknesses and to assure all other children receive quality supervision.
time for your medicine
As a precaution, children may NOT transport medication to daycare including Carmex and Blistex products unless a "self carry/self administration of emergency medication authorization approval" has been completed.
In order for this daycare to administer medicine, remember that:
*First dose of unfamiliar medication or a medication the child has not
 had in a while, need to be dispensed at home for the first 
 24 hours to see if the child will have any allergic reactions.  This 
 includes ointments/topical, over-the-counter medication and 
 prescriptions drugs.
*All prescriptions must have your child’s name, expiration date and  
 dosage on the original container.
*Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines must be unopened.
*If medication is in pill form, a pill count must be completed in front of
 parent and provider and re-counted at return of pills.
*Written authorization must accompany meds.  Please include 
  what the medicine is, who it is for, dosage, start & end date, and any
  special storage instructions. Please use proper measuring cups,
  syringes or droplets.  Use the "medicine administration consent 
  form" link below.
Feel free to download any of the following documents as they pertain to your child's health (arrow back to return to this site):
 Sick Policy for Before & After Care Contract Holders
If your child is to sick to be in school, he/she is too sick to be in daycare.  If for some unforeseen reason you are notified that your child cannot stay in school due to an illness, it is your responsibility for getting him/her.  If all attempts on your behalf to get your child fail, we may extend the courtesy & transport your child back to our facility to be kept secluded until your immediate arrival.
You may want to consider these sites when making medical decisions pertaining to your child's health
1 800 232 4636